Reviews of Ernest Conner

“Attorney Conner is the type of lawyer every client wants, and all other lawyers strive to be like. It is no coincidence that Attorney Conner has the utmost respect and admiration of clients, defense attorneys, district attorneys, clerks, and judges alike. His skill and hard work is surpassed only by his modesty and compassion. Throughout his years as a trial attorney, Attorney Conner has proven himself to be an ardent defender of his client’s rights, and a man with a passion for justice. Each and every day he is a living example of what all attorneys should be.” Fellow attorney in community

“Buddy has taught me more about advocating for your clients, in the time I have come to know and work with him, than I have learned from the entire sum of law school professors, fellow practitioners and legal education speakers with whom I have come in contact. Simply put, he is the best of the best in my book and I hope to continue to model his passion for excellence, borrow his ideas and call him my mentor and friend.” Fellow Pitt County attorney

Reviews of Jon Nuckolls

“As my attorney, Jon was very proactive in protecting my rights and in providing quick and reliable feedback and answers to questions. Additionally Jon displayed excellent negotiation skills in settling my case. I highly recommend him to others based on my experience as a client.” Larry, a Family law client

“My child’s well being and stability was everything to me, and when I hired Jon, I instantly felt and knew he understood that. Jon is extremely knowledgeable on the law and very strategic with his cases. The more and more trust I put into him and his firm throughout my case, I was amazed at the results. He truly cares about his clients and fights for what is important to them.” Former child custody client

“Mr. Nuckolls was the 3rd attorney that I hired in my child custody case over a 4 year period. I wish I had been referred to him years ago. His sincere interest in my case was refreshing. It was nice to have a response within an hour of my emails and my phone calls were almost always taken. I would highly recommend Mr. Nuckolls for anyone who needs excellent, genuine representation.” Meredith, a Child custody client

“Jon came highly recommended and is someone I highly recommend. In the courtroom he is incredibly prepared. In giving advice, he steers his clients down the high road. I feel like he was looking out for my best interest and he earned by respect and trust.” David, a family law client

“Jon helped me with a child custody case, which we won. Being the father, sometimes you feel like the deck is stacked against you. I was referred to Jon by another father who he had helped to get custody of his son. Everything he told me, I found to be true. I always felt like I was being advised to “take the high road” and knew that he had our best interest at heart. I would advise anyone seeking legal action to understand that the wheels of justice are slow. What seem like huge monumental problems along the way are only small bumps in the road in hindsight. Jon helped me maintain perspective along the way, and I appreciate that to this day. Once you are in the courtroom, you realize what you have been paying for, and if your case does go to trial, then you don’t want to come up short at the end! When you choose an attorney, sometimes you are literally putting your life in their hands. I trusted Jon then, and I would trust him again today. Jay, a family law client

“The finest up and coming lawyer I know. A lawyer’s lawyer who is extremely intelligent, and committed to his family and clients. His active duty experience in the Army has shaped him into a true litigator. Honest and forthright, he sets the example for other attorneys to emulate. I am proud to call him my friend, and partner. Fellow Pitt County Attorney, Buddy Conner

Reviews of Paul Jenkins

“Paul was highly compassionate, helpful and attentive to my legal information needs. He was very quick to respond to my inquiries and provided multiple options of solid advice and counsel.” Larry, a divorce client

“Mr. Jenkins was quick to work on my case. He’s dedicated and determined on what needs to be done. Mr. Jenkins and his team are among the best law firms in the area. I would definitely recommend Mr. Jenkins. The best of the best.” Teri, a family law client

“My entire experience with Mr. Jenkins and his paralegals was very pleasant. Everything was done in a timely manner and very thorough. I would definitely recommend to others.” Heather, a divorce client

“Paul Jenkins was very diligent and hardworking throughout my case. My nightmare was settled outside of court, which I never thought would have been possible. When it comes to divorce, and a child or children are involved, that’s where justice needs to be served. Paul Jenkins and the rest of the staff at Graham Nuckolls & Conner were absolutely a God send. Paul cared about my case and was very quick on any response that I needed. Hire the best first go around and you will not be disappointed.” D a child custody client

“This is my fifth experience with a family law attorney (Paul was the 2nd North Carolina attorney). I have never seen an attorney work so hard, so efficiently, be so invariably responsive, and handle every situation so adeptly. Most family law issues do not keep regular business hours. Paul was always responsive over the weekends and often late at night when an issue arose. His advice and guidance, I believe, helped shape my case into a much stronger one. He took a personal interest in what was going on, and stayed that involved for the 18-month duration of the case. And we won! My former attorneys did not communicate well with me, and I believe lost my case due to their inattentiveness and lack of concern. Not so with this attorney.” Christie, a child custody client

“I highly recommend Paul for legal representation. I was pleased with his knowledge about the law and his sincere guidance in my case. I have worked with 2 other attorneys in the last 4 years (same case) and wish I could have connected with Paul much sooner. His professional approach and prompt responses have been much appreciated!” MJH, a child custody client

“Paul’s compassion for his clients surpasses anything I have experienced. He was kind, caring, always kept me informed and gave me the advice that I needed to fit my situation. I will be honored to recommend Paul to family and friends.” Deborah, a family law client

“Very detailed and professional lawyer. He has kept me informed of any and all changes as they occur. Always on top of the situation and very informative of how to handle any problems as they arise. Paul is aggressive, calm, and collective in court. He doesn’t make promises and tells it like it is.” Keith, a family law client

“As a attorney, Paul Jenkins is brilliant, well-spoken, and charismatic. But what sets him apart from his peers is that he is as good of a person as he is an attorney.” Fellow family law attorney, Dustin McCrary

“After several years of practice in the Wake County area, Attorney Jenkins is a much-welcomed addition to the Pitt County Bar. He has proven himself to be a kind, determined attorney, who is never afraid to vigorously defend and protect his clients’ interests, both in and out of court. Any client who procures Attorney Jenkins’ services can rest assured that their attorney will never be outworked or overmatched by the other side.” Fellow Pitt County attorney, Timothy Heinle

Reviews of Marcus Wayne Conner

“Wayne was able to get my case dismissed and I did not have to appear in court. He was very easy to work with and (though I hope it isn’t necessary) I would work with him again.” Elizabeth, a speeding ticket client

“Wayne Conner is hands down one of the most trustworthy and genuine individuals you will ever meet. Rest assured that you are in good hands and that he is going to do everything in his power to take the best care of your case, along with expediting the process as quickly as possible. I have worked with Wayne a few times now and I always know that he has my best interests at heart. It’s rare that an attorney possesses such great attributes in the sense that he is easy to talk to and when he says he is going to get something done, he does it.” Travis, a criminal client

“Personally and professionally I have known Attorney Conner for several years now, and it is with great confidence that I recommend his services to anyone who is in need of a lawyer. Attorney Conner is wise beyond his years, and shows an unmatched dedication to his clients, time and time again. He is a bright, experienced, and engaging attorney who will defend his client with honesty, integrity, and hard work. I am proud to call him a colleague and a friend, and to say that his is the first number I dial when looking for guidance on a case.” Fellow lawyer in community

“Wayne’s knowledge of North Carolina criminal law is far beyond his years of practice. He is extremely hardworking, detail oriented and passionate about the services he provides all of his clients. I highly recommend his services.” Fellow Pitt County attorney

Reviews of Family Law Team

“Their office staff is the best ! They know their clients and have excellent communication skills. It helps when you are going through a difficult situation. They are a great team and you would be very fortunate to have them represent you!” Elizabeth, a divorce client