New Year may be a good time to start stepparent adoption process

redsharkdigital | December 28, 2017

Last week, this blog shared an article on the stepparent adoption process. There are a number of legal factors that must be satisfied for a person to adopt the child of their spouse, and meeting those requirements can become a lengthy and sometimes difficult process. Individuals who are interested in beginning the stepparent adoption process in the New Year are invited to contact the firm to learn more about it.

For example, for a person to adopt their spouse’s child, the child’s other biological parent must not have rights to the youth. While death and certain other acts terminate a person’s parental rights to a child, in many cases, a biological parent must waive their parental rights so that the stepparent adoption may take place.

Fulfilling this element of a stepparent¬†adoption¬†can be emotionally difficult and legally challenging. These challenges can be mitigated, however, by working with legal representatives who understand their clients’ needs and are confident advocates for their legal rights.

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A family that wishes to complete a stepparent adoption should be able to feel confident in their efforts to bring resolution to the legal process. With the help of attorneys from the Graham Nuckolls Conner Law Firm, individuals can advocate for their family law desires with the help of a dedicated North Carolina legal representative.