Independent Adoptions

Independent adoptions most often refer to the adoption of a child who was not placed with you by an agency (See ‘Agency Adoption’ for more), and to whom you are not a qualifying relative for purposes of relative adoptions – in other words you are not the child’s sibling, first cousin, aunt, uncle, great aunt, great uncle, grandparent, or great-grandparent (See ‘Relative Adoption’ for more). As is the case with all types of adoption, independent adoptions have their own requirements under the law. An experienced attorney can help you navigate the adoption process, from start to finish. Call our office today if you have questions or would like to proceed with an independent adoption, so that we can help you understand each stage of the process, and what types of issues need to be considered, including parental notice and consent, parental rights, preplacement assessments of your home, and more.