Greenville DWI Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with a DWI as an adult, a student or minor, you could be facing a wide variety of consequences that could seriously impact your driving privileges, your finances and even your liberty.

It is essential to the best outcome of your case that you retain an attorney who will take a thorough look at the circumstances surrounding your arrest. By taking this detailed approach he or she should be well-equipped to help guide you to the best outcome possible.

Choose A Team Of Pitt County DWI Lawyers Who Will Fight For You

At The Graham.Nuckolls.Conner. Law Firm, PLLC, our attorneys are as different as night and day. We use this diversity to our advantage by forming small teams when fighting to protect the rights of our clients. By honing in on our individual levels of experience and backgrounds we are able to offer comprehensive and through representation for our clients.

If convicted of drunk driving at any age, you could face fines, jail time, the loss of your driver’s license and more. Police officers are required to follow a certain protocol when arresting and charging an individual with a DWI. If one of these steps is missed or performed improperly, your charges could be lessened or dismissed. Our detail-oriented attorneys will scour the details of your case in an effort to ensure that your legal rights were preserved throughout the process.

We understand that you and your loved one are facing a vast array of concerns and stress. In response to this, we are prepared to create a compassionate and authentic relationship with each of the individuals with whom we work. We approach each case with fresh eyes, and we are determined to provide our clients with realistic expectations regarding the best outcome possible.