Greenville Spousal Support Attorney

Spousal support, also known as alimony, is a useful tool in helping a dependent spouse maintain a comfortable living throughout the separation, divorce and perhaps beyond.

It is common for a dependent spouse, the individual who would receive the funds, to want as much money as possible while the supporting, or paying, spouse wants to give as little as possible.

Our Team Of Pitt County Support Modification Lawyers Are Dedicated To You

At The Graham.Nuckolls.Conner. Law Firm, PLLCour attorneys believe in the power of collaboration. While vindication is a common theme in divorce, we believe it is important to set realistic expectations and goals in an effort to achieve the best outcome possible. Our family law attorneys strongly believe in the power of education as they walk you through the spousal support process:

  • Post-separation support temporarily provides assistance to a dependent spouse.
  • Alimony is a more permanent form of spousal support but does have certain terminating factors as set forth in the North Carolina alimony statutes. Marital misconduct can also be a factor in the court’s ruling on alimony. For example, if the dependent spouse committed adultery, he or she will be barred from alimony. Inversely, if the supporting spouse committed adultery, he or she will be required to pay.
  • Martial misconduct is determined by inclination and opportunity. While you may not have to provide tangible evidence, you do have to prove that there was an inclination and opportunity for your spouse to commit adultery.

Our lawyers will examine your separation and divorce as we determine the best outcome possible for you. By offering a heightened level of compassion and care, we are able to fashion your divorce to best suit your needs and the goals of your future.